All about Percy


It is with great saddness in my heart that I have to tell you all that Percy was knocked down by a car several months ago. He was taken to a wildlife rescue centre where he was xrayed and put on a drip etc. Despite all their efforts, he died on Tuesday - multiple internal injuries and bruising and a ruptured spleen. We got back from our holiday in Wales to discover this sad news.


This page is dedicated to Percy, the peacock who took up residence with my parents. He lived there for quite some time. When he originally took up residence, great efforts were undertaken to work out where he had come from and whether the original owner wanted him back. These efforts produced no results - it seems that lost peacocks are not really of interest to stately homes.

There is some suggestion that he may have originated not far from where he is now, but the suspected owner denied all knowledge.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of Percy yet - maybe I will get some soon

Percy's Friends

After years of living with my parents alone, on 8th May 2006, 2 new peacocks arrived to join Percy. It is still not known if this is a permanent thing, or if they will merely move on. However, they have stayed for a while now, so maybe they will stay.

The 2 new peacocks have now been named Wayne and Sharron. My parents had named them Persephone and Perseus, but due to popular demand by the village, they have been renamed.

On their first day of arrival, at least a photo was taken! Here it is, along with a zoom in to Wayne ...

Percy's Friends

Since these peacocks do not have a large tail (as is usual at this time of year), it was assumed that they are juveniles. However, this seems to have been a mistake!

Percy and Friends

Lots of Chicks

On 3rd July 2006, after not having not been seen for a few days, Sharron has re-emerged with a family. There are now 4 chicks in tow.

The chicks

The chicks are now able to get onto walls. Here they are...

The chicks on a wall