Helium Details

This web server is hosted on a machine internally named 'Helium'. (Maybe I should not tell you know that - there must be some sort of security exposure.) Anyway, it is, and here are some of the details about the spec of the machine and the prices I paid for the bits.

VIA C3 667MHz CLE266 VT8235 -   £78.24 - £91.93 (£6.00 postage)
Travelstar 4K40 40GB UDMA100 -  £39.47 - £46.37
256MB 184DIMM PC2100 NP CL2.5 - £15.01 - £17.63

1 x Morex Cubid 3688 Black (ItxCode: 180) @ £48.31 + VAT

There are more pictures of this machine here.

Helium was originally running Fedora 4. In an effort to keep up-to-date, it has now been migrated to Ubuntu Server 8.10. It was a long painful process due to a variety of factors, not least of which is that there is no CD/DVD drive, so I had to install a network boot server to get booting to occur. Then, there is something incompatible between the machine and my monitors, so I had to install the Operating System installation blind. Finally, I had wanted my server to actually be running under VMware, but late in the day I found out that VMware 2.0 does not support the C3 chip in this box.

This site is mainly served by an Apache Web Server. Some parts are backed by a Tomcat 6 server. The Tomcat server is running under Java 6. It has a variety of software running on it

Configuration Files

Just in case anyone cares (Rob may be the only person!), here are a few of the configuration files I used when I was running Fedora 4:

Things are different under Ubuntu, and I have mainly used the standard system configurations, which are not isolated into single files.