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Microview is a utility component to provide a miniature view of any other JComponent in the same application. It is currently at version 0.14. You can see a WebStart demonstration here. A complete distribution including Source, Javadoc, and the demonstration can be downloaded from here. You can also browse the Javadoc online.

Unpack the zip, and just run the sample jar (either using 'java -jar' or clicking on Windows).

It needs Java 1.6 but if this is a problem it can be changed.

Improvements since 0.8

  1. Added demo of panner in the 'corner' of a JScrollPane
  2. Made webstart demo signed to alow access to Internet for image display sample
  3. Added demo of Panner for large image display. (Adapted from code by G.R.Millington)
  4. The viewing of menus and tooltips now works. This required a bit of juggery-pokery to get working, but it now should work.

Known Problems

  1. It is reported that there is a performance issue when using this code to view something from JFreeChart.

Orion is set up to be the homepage for the Orion project. However, it is a bit rudimentary at the moment. Things are improving however!

Orion is actually available on this machine. The following projects can now be viewed:

Defect Tracking Systems

I have been playing around to try to find a defect tracking system that I can use for all my projects (especially Orion). I have so far tried

My initial preference was for scarab, since it is a JSP/Java based thing. It looks like it might be good, but the effort required to tailor it to what I want has proven to be too great.

At the recommendation of a collegue, I tried Mantis and got it to work with little effort. That is even though it is a PHP thing.

So, for now I am using Mantis!