Creating Smaller Pictures

I have written a short tutorial on reducing the size of pictures using The Gimp. The tutorial is here (PDF format).

Creating a bootable CD

mkisofs -r -b cdboot1.img -c boot.catalog -o bootcd.iso CDRoot

Installing Windows 2000 without Floppies

This is done using a CD of FreeDos, and the Developer Kit CD. The following steps are to be performed:

  1. Boot using the FreeDos CD and pretend to do through the process of installing it on the drive.
  2. Go through this process enough to format a drive with at least 400Mb of space.
  3. Quit from the FreeDos installer into the DOS mode.
  4. Insert the Windows2000 CD.
  5. cd x:\english\win2000\pro
  6. i386\winnt

All should now be rosey. My main probem was not getting this first bit right. If that happens, then the installation does not have space for it to put its temporary files. That is bad. I even got to the situation where nothing could read my partition table - even Knoppix. I resorted to using an XP Pro CD to start installing that and then killing the whole process once it had managed to do enough partitioning.