Bridge Stuff on Steve's site


I have stopped playing bridge now. Perhaps for ever, maybe just a pause in my play. It has been quite a while since I played, so perhaps it is 'forever'. The stuff below is now obsolete, but I am leaving it here for posterity.


I now play regularly at Kettering Bridge Club on Tuesday Nights. I normally partner John Hart, although I partner my father occasionally.

Convention Cards

S.A. Millington with J. Hart Basic Acol

S.A. Millington with G.R. Millington. Benjaminised Acol


I occasionally write small pieces about hands I have seen or played. You might want to take a look at them here.

Old Convention Cards

When in Hampshire, most of my bridge was played with Stan [Card]. I occasionally played with others, including Barbara [Card].

Basingstoke Cup

Here are some score sheets for the Basingstoke Cup. They are not 'official' in any sense, but they should serve fine for the purpose of scoring for matches. (For details of the Basingstoke Cup, see the Hampshire Bridge Site.)